Thursday, July 17, 2008

Overlooking a key detail

It had been a good, long while since I've had a haircut. I got a good one last time but I couldn't remember who or where. Damn it. So I'm still shopping around. And today, I read about a place in Vancouver that's designed for men. Big flat-screen sports on the TVs! Well, if I'm gonna sit for a half hour, that's a pretty good way to do it. So, even though there's no sports on a weekday afternoon, I went ahead and walked in today.

Skip Bayless was screaming something about gang signs on one screen--with the volume low, but combined with the crawl, I could at least follow along. CNN people were saying something about Bill Clinton on another screen--again, low volume, but the crawl would at least enable me to sorta kinda keep up.

I don't care for Skip Bayless, and I can think of more important stories than Bill Clinton right now, but still, it gives me something to focus on to keep my mind occupied during the cut. So I sat down, took off my glasses, and let a woman go to work on my hair.

Oh, crap.

I took off my glasses.

Why didn't it occur to me that TVs during a haircut would be virtually useless to me?

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