Wednesday, July 30, 2008

On this date...

First of all, on this date back on '05, my wife married me. It was wonderful. I bawled. I had fun. I had so many friends in one place. I got to marry a beautiful, brilliant, fantastic woman. Love you, babe.

And, according to my Fox Sports On This Date calendar, something just as wonderful and unlikely happened a few years before that:

"1998...The Seattle Mariner's [sic] Alex Rodriguez became just the sixth player in American League history to make 30 steals and 30 home runs--in a contest against the Cleveland Indians."

We'll set aside the egregious, nails-on-a-blackboard apostrophe error for a moment and focus on the unlikely content. I've been a Mariner fan since '96, and let me tell you that I do NOT remember a game where A-Rod or anyone else had 30 home runs AND 30 steals. Extraordinary.

I am often amazed at who gets to be employed in this world, and at what jobs.

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