Sunday, July 27, 2008

It'll be the Browns against the Lions, each making their Bowl debuts

I changed my personal-fun credit card recently.

I had a GM Card for 11 years. I used the 5%-of-purchases earnings from it for a healthy down payment to my 2004 Chevy Malibu. So it saved me a lot of money...but it has stuck me with a damn Chevy Malibu, which finds the strangest, most expensive, most unexpected ways to break and cost me money. I will not put myself through another GM car. So there was no need to keep the credit card.

When I saw that Amtrak had a credit card I could earn points on, I jumped on it. I'm taking the train between Vancouver and Seattle often enough that maybe using this card could give me a few of those trips for free, or at least upgraded.

But now I have a new goal.

It has come to my attention that, for a mere 1,300,000 points, Amtrak will give me and a guest (that'd be my wife unless my brother kneecaps her) a 5-day, 4-night trip to the Super Bowl, which includes deluxe accommodations, tickets, breakfast, and a souvenir package, but not transportation.

Still, awesome!

Let's figure this out.

I go to Seattle every month or so. Swankette joins me on about half of those. Let's suppose we never drove up there again, but only took Amtrak.

Each leg of the trip is 100 points. We're therefore averaging 300 points a month.

The original plan had me cashing in every 1000 points to get a free trip up to Seattle. But no more! Players and coaches have to sacrifice to get to the Bowl...and so will I. No cashing in for less than the Bowl.

I don't use the credit card too much--it's not the primary card, it's the card for fun stuff. Maybe a baseball trip per year--a plane ticket, a night of hotel--and my Mariner tickets. A thousand bucks a year sounds about right. That's 1000 points. But Amtrak rewards me extra for buying their tickets on their card. Therefore, I'll also be sure to take advantage of that...for an extra 150 reward points a month (on average).

This means, when you add it all up, I'm getting 6400 points a year on my way to a million-three.

If I hold at my current pace, and if costs and reward points inflate at the same rate, and if Amtrak, Chase Bank, and the NFL all continue to exist...

I'm set to go to Super Bowl CCXLVI in February 2212.

I'll be enjoying my deluxe accommodations and sitting back in my seat--242 years young! And you, who have SQUANDERED your Amtrak Rewards points (say, for instance, on 1300 trips between Vancouver and Seattle), you'll be watching on TV.

The tortoise wins the race, my friends. And he'd also better live a long, long time to win this one.


swankette said...

GREAT! Now your brother's gonna' kneecap me!

TeacherRefPoet said...

It'll be 2212, babe. He'll might not be able to raise the pipe.

tommyspoon said...

So that means you're leaving your points to your great-great-great-grandkids, right? ;-)

Jim Anderson said...

Maybe you should sign up for the Aubrey de Grey newsletter as well.