Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Is this the best McCain can do?

If you haven't seen his new ad attacking Obama, it's here.

This is weak. The original question ("He's the biggest celebrity in the world...but is he ready to lead?") is reasonable. But juxtaposing Obama's picture with Britney Spears' and Paris Hilton's will do nothing whatsoever to convince even one undecided voter. In fact, I think it will turn people off. They can tell the difference between a politician--famous for a number of historic factors--and someone famous merely for being famous, as Hilton, or deeply troubled, as Spears.

Then, he runs with the offshore drilling issue. That's a loser for McCain. Moderates who could go either way see the light on this one. Off-shore drilling doesn't help us one bit. It's also physically unattractive. People like beaches and will associate off-shore drilling with their pristine Platonic ideal of "shore."

The last bit, saying that "Obama will tax energy," is the most effective argument, but the "new taxes" bit...I think the Republicans have gone to the well once too often.

I'd like to thank the Hillary campaign for so thoroughly vetting Obama over the winter and spring. There are no skeletons left to expose.

BTW, check out this, which shows Professor Obama's law school courses. I'm impressed how, in his course on race and the law, he completely encourages students to examine and understands both sides of every issue. That puts him ahead of most professors. That puts him way ahead of the current president. It puts him ahead of the smug wing of my own party. Hell, it puts him ahead of just about everybody on both sides of every issue. Nobody gives a crap about studying both sides anymore.

I want this man in charge for that reason alone.

(Thanks, Bean, for the link to the article.)

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