Thursday, July 31, 2008

"I know you're a college kid posing as the 61-year-old head of our state."

Here's a bouncer who loves his job, and wouldn't let Governor Gregoire into a bar.

I love the picture of this.

GREGOIRE: "I don't have ID, but I'm 61. I'm certainly over 21."
BOUNCER: "No ID and you don't get to come in."
GREGOIRE'S FRIENDS AND ANYONE ELSE NEARBY: "But she's the governor! That's Christine Gregoire!"
BOUNCER: "Yeah, sure she is, and I'm Ken Griffey."
GREGOIRE: "Seriously...I'm the governor. Can I go in and get a drink?"
BOUNCER: "Hit the road."

The bar owner suggests that the bouncer "needs more training."


tommyspoon said...

Pretty funny, but I suspect that the bouncer in question may have been previously tagged by the authorities for not checking too carefully. One of my fellow bartenders at my old restaurant job got pinched for serving an Alcohol Beverage Control officer who used a fake ID. No jail time, but a hefty fine and loss of work for at least a month while he straightened everything out.

This is the silly season, isn't it? ;-)

TeacherRefPoet said...

I actually like what the bouncer did. Nobody's above the rules or the law. Not sure why he needs "more training." He did his job.

Although I probably would let the Governor in...

Anonymous said...

That's because you've never been through the training to know the implications involved if you break the rules. :)r

Jenni said...

I think the bouncer was right, the bar owner should support him, and the governor needs to remember to bring his i.d. to the bar, just like the rest of us. How else do you talk to drunks?