Friday, July 25, 2008

Here goes....

Now that the bride has publicly announced it, I can follow suit:

I am going to be a daddy.

Mark your calendars: Feb 24, 2009. Then immediately erase your mark, since only 5% of babies are born on their due dates.

Swankette has been absolutely fantastic through all of this. Hedgehog (the name by which the baby shall be known until birth) has been very helpful. He/she makes Swankette tired, but there have only been one or two puking episodes so far, so all things considered, this isn't as bad as it could be. (Easy for me to say. I don't have a baby-the-size-of-a-grape rattling around inside all the time.)

Something about the other day's ultrasound knocked me pretty loopy. It's not the big, important, later-on-in-pregnancy one that some people print out and keep in their wallets. It's an early one...about 10 weeks. We took a 7-week ultrasound that only displayed an amniotic sac with a heartbeat, and that in itself was an emotional, exciting, holy-shit-are-we-really-capable-of-making-this-happen moment. But the change to 10 weeks was breathtaking.

Swankette and I had joked around before the ultrasound. We urged the baby to say hello to us: "Hedgehog, we want you to wave. Let us know you're there...say hi."

So, fast foward to yesterday. We're in the doctor's office. She has the portable-but-less-vivid ultrasound machine just to do a quick check.

There's the heartbeat. Awesome.

And there's loads--just loads--of movement. The little dude/dudet is doing backflips. Somersaults. Moving, cruising around.

This certainly explains the wife's stomach upset...

Then, God as my witness, the kid waved at us.

Not my imagination either. The doctor said: "Look. He just waved his arm."

[Doctor went back and forth between gendered pronouns.]

To quote Jack Buck...I don't believe what I just saw.

I told my big sister that I was very pleased that Hedgehog had done as I had asked. "This is a good sign," I said. "It means that the kid will do whatever I ask until the kid turns 21."

I intended this as a joke, of course, but my sister didn't laugh. Instead, she went for the long pause.

"You're in for quite a rude awakening," she said.

But we'll see. As of now, my kid is both brilliant (understands English ever before hearing has developed!) and athletic (dude, you should have SEEN how quick the kid moved...and if I'd only had arms for a few days, I'm not sure I'd have learned how to wave just yet).

I wonder if this wonder will ever wear away.

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Joe said...

I was never all that into the ultrasound... but my God, hearing The Boy's heartbeat for the first time will live in my memory forever. Glad to know you're already cherishing Hedgehog.