Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Best Debater movie of 2007...

probably wasn't The Great Debaters. To be fair, I haven't seen it yet, but since it's intentionally inspirational, it'll probably not be one I like.

No, I think it's probably Rocket Science.

Debaters and former debaters, this one's for you. Even if it deals with Policy Debate (ick, ick, ick).

The movie is written and made by someone (Spellbound's Jeffrey Blitz) with a deep affection for HS debate, New Jersey, and underdogs, who can present all three of these things with warts and all. I found it infectious. It gives a pretty vivid depiction of the horrifying all-engulfing feeling of 15-year-old love. Finally, I feel like it presents high school kids as actual human beings with good points and bad points. Not enough movies do that.

The best line, however, might come from this negative review from The Guardian:

"It never explains why US high-school debaters are apparently encouraged to gabble their speeches like livestock auctioneers."

That's reason 1 why I'll never, ever coach Policy Debate.

Good flick. Catch it.

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Jenni said...

I have not made a blanket statement to my debaters about teaching policy debate or not teaching policy debate. I tell them I'm a teacher so I'll teach anything. If they want to learn how to make a nuclear bomb, I'll teach them that. Not subtle, but neither are freshmen and sophomores. They get what I'm trying to tell them, though.