Friday, June 20, 2008

Vacation all I ever wanted

I need this break more than I've needed any break since the one just after my first year teaching, 1993. That year, I fled the state about six tenths of a second after school let out. I took my recently-broken heart and exhausted mind out on the road throughout the midwest, visiting 11 baseball stadiums and as many friends (preferably female) who would host me.

This year...well, the broken heart isn't the problem. And gas prices prevent any huge road trips. Wife and I will be going to Colorado for my (gulp) 20th HS reunion in August. We're making a 9-day jaunt out of it, since she's never been to Colorado and I want to take her to many friends and many mountain spots. Amazingly, 9 days might not be enough.

But that's in about 6 weeks. Meanwhile...

I'll be cleaning the house,
walking downtown as many days as I can,
doing some really major preparation for next year, including at least two classes,
and trying to convince someone to publish my as-yet unwritten non-fiction book.

That's all I'm going to aim for. A few years ago, I made a huge list of stuff I wanted to accomplish over a summer, and was completely devastated at the Jose Vidro-like batting average I posted in accomplishing them.

Now, it's more a matter of resting and doing stuff I like.

Whoa! 200 posts catergorized as Life Minutiae! What's it all mean?


Jim Anderson said...

I used to have an "etcetera" tag. It got similarly bloated, so I had to break it down into subcategories. I do find something lacking in my life, though, without it. Every soul needs a junk drawer.

Paula said...

It'll be fun to see you! (And I've been prepping for next year, too.)