Thursday, June 26, 2008

Karl Rove calls Obama "arrogant"


1. I think anybody who says "Gee, I think I should be the leader of 300 million people" probably is at least a little bit arrogant.

2. This isn't exactly a Swift-boat level attack. It's hardly headline-grabbing or of great concern. Clinton already tried this with the whole "elitist" label. That ship has sailed.

If this is the best Rove can do at this point--well, that's comforting.

Oh, and while Rove may or may not be arrogant, he is indisputably an individual with no empathy or kindness for his fellow human beings. He also has irreparably harmed our democracy with his asshole tactics. I'd rather be with (or even just be) Obama every day and twice on Sundays. Even if he is a little arrogant.

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