Saturday, May 03, 2008

Six, six, six

Alison tagged me. So I get to pick six random things about myself that I want to expose to the whole, entire internet.

The rules are as follows:
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  • write six things about yourself
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THING THE FIRST: I absolutely cannot stand having my navel touched. If someone or something gets within the same zip code as my navel, I become uber-protective, covering it up with both hands. I will become violent if necessary to prevent navel-touching.

THING THE SECOND: One day (I must have been 8 or so), my brother and his friend Alex mixed everything liquid they could find in the refrigerator. Tabasco, Worcestshire, milk, Kool-Aid, a couple of juices, possibly sour or whipped cream...if it was liquid, it was in there. The reason little brothers exist is to be the foil for shit like this, so they, without much prodding, convinced me to give it a try.

It was good. They subsequently drank it and agreed.

THING THE THIRD: Before I officiate, I, without fail, get very, very nervous. In fact, while driving to games, I start to feel something like dread. "Why the hell do I voluntarily go through this?" I think to myself. But (unless it's the one or two worst games of the season, like the one Joe saw me officiate year before last), I always have such fun reffing that, on the drive home, I'm always feeling an incredible, immense high.

THING THE FOURTH: Remember the movie The Truth about Cats and Dogs? Where Janeane Garafalo plays a homely radio personality who woos a man, Cyrano-style, through Uma Thurman, who plays a gorgeous model? The entire movie was lost on me, because I found Janeane Garafalo quite attractive and Uma Thurman rather homely. I hate to rag on my fellow 4/29/70 mate Uma, but it's true. It made no sense to me why the guy in the movie, or anyone for that matter, would prefer Uma. It was kind of offensive that they played off the hot Garafalo as some Quasimodo-like disfigured Medusa. My attraction for Garafalo has eased through the years since she's become the poster child for the smug, loudmouth wing of my party that causes the rest of us so much difficulty, but at the time, I just found the movie bizarre and sort of troubling.

THING THE FIFTH: I have never taken a puff, sniff, or touch of any illegal drug. In fact, I've only seen illegal drugs once in my life, when someone offered me a puff of pot (see, I don't even know what they call one inhale...) at a 4th of July party in Seattle in 1997. I just said no. Truth is, I'm way, way too much of a control freak to ever willingly cede control to any substance.

THING THE SIXTH: I buy a new book about baseball to take on each of my semiannual baseball trips. Sometimes I don't quite finish the book, but I still try to buy a new one for each trip. There is now nearly an entire shelf in our den dedicated to baseball books.

TAGGING: Tagging is illegal. It's more than just graffiti; it reduces the quality of life in a community, and encourages gang violence. I refuse to be a part of it. However, if you're a regular reader here and want to tell me six things about yourself, I'd love to know. Go for it. This is a relatively painless meme.

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