Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Respectful Message to Hillary Clinton

Mrs. Clinton:

Please, please:

Do the fucking math.

I went to CNN's Delegate counter.

If you win all 6 remaining primaries by 60/40 margins (which you will not), you would still need to outdistance Obama in the remaining superdelegates 199-78 to pull ahead in the overall delegate count.

More realistic vote count totals lead to even more impossible superdelegate necessities for you.

Your choice to stay in at this point only feeds into the negative stereotypes about you; namely, that you are power-hungry and entitled. It makes you less attractive to all voters in all parties.

It's over. Not because of pundits: because of delegates. Claiming your razor-thin 22,000-vote victory is Obama's "tie-breaker" that will lead you to the White House--that it's the mandate that proves that you're in the driver's seat--makes me, honest to God, question whether you're capable of dispassionately viewing facts. It's such an outlandish lack of logic that it makes me wonder if you can be trusted to make the really big decisions in the Oval Office.

I'll repeat it:

Do the fucking math.

It's over. I'm not saying that because I'm an Obama supporter. I'm saying it as a guy who understands numbers. You have no feasible mathematical shot. It's got nothing to do with your tenacity, your beliefs, or "electability" or "well, I do well in the states that will really count" (as if the others do not).

It's not even high level math. It's arithmetic.

Bow out gracefully and aim for healing. Be a great senator. Join Bill as the the elder conscience of my party. You will become beloved by your party again. People have short memories and deep understanding about this kind of thing. As angry as I am right now, I suspect that I will too.

But if you take this all the way to Denver, you personally will have done more harm to your party and country than you and your husband did good. And that, given my affection for the Bill Clinton presidency, is truly saying something.

Please. It's time.

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Alison said...

I don't think the delegate count is what is going to knock her out I've seen the CNN site, too, but best I can tell, every place that has a counter has the count different, and Clinton obviously prefers to focus on the counts that look best for her.

The math she needs to look at now involves larger numbers. For instance, 6.4 million - that being the amount of money she lent her campaign last month. On top of the $5 million she already had contributed out of her own bank account. Her campaign is hemorrhaging money and she's being forced to self-finance. There's no way she can keep that pace up much longer.