Thursday, May 01, 2008

Not a fan of Thirsty Thursday

Cheap beer night tonight at the Portland Beavers' game (and a very good ballgame at that). I hate cheap beer night. By the fourth inning, there were already too many loudmouthed unfunny butthead drunks. Why are the unfunniest ones the loudest ones? Just an icky atmosphere--and even worse in the men's room, where men suddenly feel free to cuss and say nasty things about their female companions who they know have herpes. Loudly.

Anyhow, I was prepared just to tolerate it (what choice did I have?) when, in the middle of the fifth inning, my good friend pankleb (who knows that 26 X 14 = 364...he did that quicker in his head than you can remember your mom's birthday...) went to buy a beer (for the record, his first).

Amazingly, and thankfully, they had shut off beer sales.

The rules, unless I'm mistaken (and I'm a non-drinker, so I may be) are that beer sales are cut off at the seventh-inning stretch. But they went two full innings earlier tonight. When pankleb asked why, they told him that it was just a rowdy, raucous atmosphere and they didn't want it to spiral out of control.

I may be labelling myself as a hopeless square here, but I think shutting off beer sales early was a great, great call. The drunks were gone by the seventh inning...all finding their way to bars, I think. The tense end to the game was uninterrupted, except by the sound of pankleb dividing the prefix of my phone number into the suffix (yes, he did this in his head).

My question: Who is in the position to decide to cut off all beer sales early? Security? Game ops? The GM? Whoever it is, I really do want to thank them.

Perhaps I'll buy them a beer.

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tommyspoon said...

I saw a report on RealSports a few weeks ago on this subject. You're not a square, TRP. This is the reason I don't go to many athletic events in person.

The last Redskins game I attended I accidentally bumped into somebody on a very crowded escalator. He was obviously intoxicated and immediately got that "throw down" look in his eye. Thank goodness Sweetie was there and intervened by making fun of her "clumsy husband". As much as I hated the way he leered at her afterwards, I was grateful that I didn't end up getting punched in the groin.

The only solution I can see is better enforcement by venue security. More patrols through the stands; more people getting tossed out; more season tix being revoked. Normally I don't like this Nanny-State approach to personal behavior, but there is no reason why people should feel threatened by fellow spectators.