Friday, May 23, 2008

My aim was true

Did three songs. "Centerfold," which was a massive hit. "Oh! Darling." At the end of it, I thought "Gee, I guess I don't have that high note anymore," and then realized, "wait...I'm not sure I've EVER had that high note...what was I thinking?" But I sold it as best I could. And I closed with a special song. At one of the darkest moments of my vocal troubles--at a point where I was told phrases like "permanent damage" "too late" and "no singing again," I had a dream where I sang a song to Swankette, whom I was then only just beginning to date. I don't buy dreams as portents of the future, but when I woke up I felt so wonderful that it helped me realize I had something special going. I've fantasized about singing this song to her in ways other than just chilling on the couch, and tonight, I got to realize that fantasy.

The song? "Alison." Which is weird in two ways: 1. It's not my wife's name. 2. It's about a chick that a dude has broken up with who is making horrible, slutty life choices and trying to get through to her. That's two reasons why it's a weird song to be central romantic song in any relationship, but since it was in that critical dream of mine, it's one of "our" songs. And I loved singing it tonight.

After that third song, the backup vocalist/cruise director (who changed pants ON STAGE four times during the night) said something like this: "Let's hear it for Teach. Every goddamn fucking song was so fucking great tonight."

Cool. And it was a major rush to be up there. The band absolutely rocked. I expected them to merely be adequate, but they were tremendous. I'll be back.

When's the last time I've been out this late? (For the record, there's no school on Friday.)


Joe said...

Sweet! Sounds like a ton of fun.

Alison said...

Very cool. Although I admit a certain amount of squickiness at your third song. That might just be me, though :-)

TeacherRefPoet said...

"squickiness." That's new to me, Alison--could you help me out?

Late late at night I forgot to mention that my bride was a hit with "Punk Rock Girl." The rehearsal paid off.

Alison said...

"Squickiness" - comes from "squicked out" - not quite "creepiness," but along the same lines. Vague unease? Often caused by things like platonic friends singing decidedly non-platonic songs that, while you adore them in principal, were somewhat ruined by people yelling the chorus at you in the hallways in high school.