Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lolly-crack, lolly-crack, ooooh lolly lolly lolly

We've started my first ever food sales fundraiser for the debate team.

I've always been reticent about selling stuff to raise money. We need several thousand dollars; so I never thought candy was the way to get there. But this year, I figured what the hell.

A guy from this company is at NFL Nationals every year, and I always take him for a free sample, because they are simply the best lollipops I have ever, ever tasted. Seriously. Look at them.

Kids had a similar response. They didn't want to sell them until I put pictures on my screen. Then they were like "OhmygodIwantone! When do we get them?"

I showed a couple of my classes the pictures when one of my debaters mentioned the lollipops. They've been bothering me every day since.

Still, our activities secretary, who is great at her job and has been through many, many fundraisers, said we should limit ourselves to one bag (60 lollipops) per kid for the entire three-week fundraiser. Since I have a small team (only 7 of us), that would net us about a hundred bucks.

I decided to aim bigger...15 lollipops per kid per day would land us about about a $600 profit. It's not as high as I'd like it to be--I'm obsessed with making a thousand dollars! in a fundraiser--but it would do.

Lollipops arrived today.

I can't quite explain the level of bonkers-ness that ensued.

I've decided to help my kids out in two ways:

1. Allowing students to eat lollipops in my room during class.
2. Selling a few lollipops to the one class where I have no debaters.

That was second period. 8:30 AM. I had a lollipop in my mouth, put out the bag before the bell rang and said "Anybody want to buy one of these? I'll let you eat them during class."

I had twelve bucks in my hand within a minute. 24 lollipops sold. Just amazing. They told us to aim for 60 in three weeks. I sold 24 in a literal minute.

One kid sold 140 today, another 107, a third at least 60.

One kid wanted one in every flavor. She gave one of my debaters a 20 dollar bill and gathered 40 lollipops.

Kids were freaking falling over each other for these damn things.

Incredible. I should have tried this years ago.

The team purchased 5 boxes of 480...that adds up to 2400 lollipops for a quarter a lollipop. We're selling them for fifty cents.

Incredibly, we may sell out in a week. I may order more.

Things I learned today:

1. I still love lollipops.
2. For a teacher to get kids to purchase lollipops, the best route is simply to be enjoying a lollipop when students arrive in class.
3. A little jocular taunting while eating the lollipop is good. Look at a kid without one and say "Mmmmm. Mmmmmm. Tasty."
3a. (Do not do #3 while looking at your diabetic student. Yes, I actually did this today. Whoops.)
4. Best flavor of the day: Peach.
5. If 20 kids in the room are sucking on lollipops while writing their journals, what is normally silence becomes ever slightly more than silence. Yes, sucking has a very gentle sound. Gentle...and gently disturbing.
6. I can't believe this, but I do believe that we can sustain today's rate. In the fall, when we have more debaters, we might actually go for a thousand damn dollars in hardened corn syrup sales.
7. I wish I had the metabolism of a 16-year-old again. I swear every one of them should weigh about a quarter ton.
8. This must be what it feels like to deal crack.


Jim Anderson said...

Are you good... or evil? I am now uncertain.

TeacherRefPoet said...

What's evil about selling delicious lollipops? Let me buy you one. What flavor would you like? I'll even mail it.

Anyhow, if you feel this is evil, you can lead me back to the path of goodness by sending my debate team a check for $2000. A low, low price to save my mortal soul.

tommyspoon said...

I dunno... $2K for your soul. I think I can scrape together a couple a hundered... can I put your soul on layaway? ;-)