Sunday, May 11, 2008

I've got the FTE blues...

Two weeks ago, my boss said she had permission to interview me (and only me) for a continuing gig to replace the one-year contract I was compelled to sign last year.

We had the interview. It took like five minutes. Everybody knows me. They didn't interview anybody else. I'm not even sure the job was posted.

About five minutes before they officially offered me the job, the district suddenly instituted a hiring freeze.

My harried boss said "I'm going to talk to people. If there's even one job available, it will be you."

Two days later, she called me in again. Visibly upset, she said: "They say they need a couple of days to figure out if there will be any positions available. You'd better look for jobs."

Oh, man. Damn and hell.

So today, I'm officially looking around again. There's a position available at a suburban HS with a good reputation. I'd be a great fit; it's philosophically very similar to me and to the old place. I interviewed there last year. They didn't take me, but when I asked the principal what I could improve on for future interviews, he said "Nothing. You were really good, you made it really, really difficult." I think this translated as follows: "We had a student teacher we had this job earmarked for, and you almost made us screw over this kid we really loved." So I'm hoping they remember me and that they would jump on me if I headed back.

However, the suburban job is one-year-only leave-replacement. Therefore, in a year, I could be in exactly the same mickey fickey situation I'm in now.

Of course, my wife points out that if this were the case, my current principal would move heaven and earth to get me back. And work is work--I may have to take whatever job comes along.

But I am predicting that I'll stay put. It takes some time to iron out the FTE dance in a district, and my current boss really does love me. Maybe the pressure of a job offer elsewhere will cause the district to step up.

I sometimes wish I had a job like every other job in the world, where I could cause a bidding war for my services...but alas, that's not the life I chose.

Nevertheless, it sucks to have to dust off the resume again.


Joe said...

Yuck. I'm sorry to hear that, but I'm sure it'll work out in the end.

tommyspoon said...

Sorry to hear this. I'll send you all the mojo I can!