Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I should go

I was just invited to the 20th reunion for a high school in east central Tennessee, which is strange because I went to high school in Colorado.

I think I drove through the town on I-40 in July 2006. Is that why I got an invitation?

Nope. I figured they intended to invite someone who shares my first and last name...that the email was intended for a Googleganger of mine.

I went ahead and emailed the guy back to say he had the right name, but the wrong guy.

Well, it turns out that I made the mistake. An earlier email intended for my HS 20th reunion committee was accidentally sent to the very similar email address for the Tennessee HS 20th reunion committee.

But here's the bizarre part. My name is now on the list of "found alumni" for the reunion in Tennessee!

I highly doubt there was a Googleganger there. I think what happened is that I managed to get myself a Tennessee high school alumnus status and an invitation to the reunion simply by sending an email saying "Hey, put me on the list, and I'm looking forward to getting back home and seeing everyone again."

That's simply hilarious.

I recall an episode of Cheers where Coach is away at a family reunion. He sends a picture--and he's the only White guy in the photo. Apparently he got an invitation by mistake, showed up because he didn't want to be rude, and they liked him so much they'd invite him back every year.

That'd be a good goal. Maybe I made a mistake. What if I'd gone?

I suppose I still could.

I could manufacture an entirely new high school background in Tennessee. I can't claim to be an athlete, thespian, debater, or anything else anyone could possibly remember. I guess I'll say I had a drug problem, had few friends, joined no clubs, and dropped out early...but am clean now and wanted to see everyone again. I could spend the event going around making 12-step apologies to everyone for invented drug-induced wrongs.

If I had any kind of courage and the ability to keep a straight face through it, it'd be worth the price of a plane ticket.

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Jim Anderson said...

I smell a book deal... if you don't go, I will.