Monday, May 05, 2008

Compounding the tragedy

Don't get me wrong--I'm legitimately sick. I don't have the "paper flu." I had a temperature of 101.5 on Saturday and 100 yesterday. Today, I'm mostly OK, and can finish off the huge batch of papers I have backlogged and the article I have due on Saturday.

In the process, I just learned this horrible, little known impact of the Yitzhak Rabin assassination:

"Everyday for two months after Yitzhak Rabin's death his wife died and was buried next to him."


Shannin said...

Sorry you're feeling like crud. They do say that laughter is the best medicine - maybe you just need to read more student papers.

Chris Snethen said...

What's really sad is that was one of the plagiarized papers.

Paula said...

One of my more recent ones came from a short story. Sometimes a single letter makes a world of difference:

"One day, he decided to perform an experiment, so he pulled out his stiff and got to work."

Joe said...

Saw this, immediately thought of you.

Warning: do not watch while drinking, especially anything hot which will hurt on its way out your nose.