Friday, May 02, 2008

The Big Sophomore Research Paper

I'm gonna try to plow through 60 this weekend. 12 tonight, 24 tomorrow, 24 Sunday. (Grades are due Thursday.)

I gave the kids 2 weeks in the library. Really, really spelled out each paragraph--borderline spoonfeeding, perhaps, but I guess we could call it scaffolding instead. Did a "stay as late as you want day," where I remained until the last kid who wanted help got it. Out of 85 sophomores, 1 came.

Anyway, the first 12 are in the books. 3 earned A's. Very proud of them.

3 plagiarized.

It's weird...something about the new job makes me less angry about it and more sad. Devastatingly sad.

KIDS (he says, rehearsing his Monday come-to-Jesus post-plagiarism lecture):

I was here for help--both for two weeks in the library and for one day after school. All you had to do was ask.

So why give me warmed-over uncited websites when you could have worked with me, made an effort, had a shot at a rewrite, and almost undoubtedly pulled off a B with some work?

Now you're in the toilet for the semester instead, with parents and coaches on your butt and me feeling sad every time I see your face.

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Shannin said...

Just out of curiosity, how are you finding out they are plagiarizing? I would think that with the Internet, it's much easier for teachers...