Thursday, May 08, 2008

An approximate transcript of me watching Survivor tonight.

Nah. He won't even think it.
Geez. No way he's going to fall for it.
Hmmm. He just can't go through with it. He just can't.
Wait. He's not going to do it, is he?
Really? No. No. He cannot possible. No.
Holy shit.
Oh my GOD.
You've got to be kidding me!
No WAY. Is he really doing it?
He's...(jaw dropped, locked open, further words impossible)

A good summary is at this article, but you really only need to read the article's summary of the key conversation:
Natalie: Hey, I've got an idea. It's crazy, but brilliant.
Erik: Okay, sure. You know, once at my ice cream shop, we combined our pistachio and bubble gum flavors to make pistachio gum. That was pretty crazy, too. Were you thinking something like that?
Natalie: Yeah, shut up. Here's my plan, and I think you'll really be into it.
Erik: I love it already.
Natalie: You give me a million dollars.
Erik: I'm listening...
Natalie: And — here's the best part — I kick you out of the game.
Erik: Hmmmm, so let me see if I have this right: I give you a million dollars and you kick me out of the game?
Natalie: Oh, and I also call, e-mail, and text message you every hour on the hour for the rest of your life telling you you're a complete moron.
Erik: I'm not sure. Would you be willing to punch me in the face as well?
Natalie: Let me check with Cirie on that. [Goes to find Cirie. Comes back five minutes later.] Okay, we're willing to punch you in the face if we can also kick you in the groin thee times.
Erik: Sold!

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