Monday, April 28, 2008

It's halftime. Let's watch the marching band and grab ourselves some nachos.

A student pointed out to me today that the average life expectancy of a Caucasian male in this country is about 76.

I researched today and found he was right.

According to this chart, a white male in the United States who turned 30 in 2000 (that'd be me) can expect to live another 46.4 years, making it to 76.

On Tuesday, I turn 38.

Kinda gives you pause, huh?

I guess this means I'll go through my mid-life crisis in about 73 days. July 11th, if I'm doing my math right, is statistically likely to be the midpoint of my life.


I will spend at least part of my birthday at the gym, trying to make it so I'm only 40 or 45% done, not half done...


tommyspoon said...

Happy Birthday!

Alison said...

Happy belated birthday. My gift to you: a meme