Monday, April 14, 2008

How not to cure insomnia

I drank a good deal of caffeine for the drive home on Sunday evening. I NEVER drink caffeine. So after sleeping from 11 to 1, I was up.

How to get to sleep?

I decided to try to list 10 cities in each state.

I know the states alphabetically, and started at Alabama.

All is fine until I get to Connecticut. I stall out at 8, trying like hell to remember where I sang on tour in Chamber Singers in 1992, that chic coastal town in the notch by New York. Fun night...went out for pizza with a bunch of friends and stayed the night with Anna...what the hell was Anna's hometown? I settle on Bridgeport. About 15 minutes later, I come up with a 9th town...a tiny upstate one another college buddy was from...and pull Greenwich out.

Next state: Delaware.

Wilmington. Dover. Smyrna. Newark.

I'm convinced there aren't any other towns in Delaware. And now I'm falling asleep...

except I can't. I need to think of another Delaware town.

So I wake up and get the atlas.

First, I confirm the Connecticut town by checking out my college choir's website. Damn! Anna lived in Westport, not Bridgeport. I move on to Delaware.

According to the atlas, other than the four I listed in bed, are no other towns I have heard of in the entire state of Delaware. The only one I had a chance at was Talleyville, because I went to the mall there on the day I flew home from Philadelphia last August. I ate at Chili's and bought my wife a just-because gift. I think it was called the Talleyville Mall.

That's five Delaware towns. Why not try to memorize five more to make it ten? Let's see what else is out there.

The other towns in Delaware with five-digit populations are as follows:

Bear, Brookside, Glasgow, and Hockessin.

Shit. That's only nine. What's the tenth city I can memorize? An easy one to remember?

I'll go with Delaware City. Can't miss with that.

And I will never play this game in an effort to get to sleep again. Getting the atlas in the middle of the night is never good.

Good night.

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Alison said...

Ah - Delaware towns. Since Delaware == the beach for a lot of folks from the DC area, I probably could have done pretty well there. Bethany, Rehoboth, Lewes, and Dewey (all beach towns), Wilmington, Dover, Newark (places other folks might have heard of), Smyrna (to be avoided at all costs, as far as I can tell), Delmar (on the Delaware-Maryland border), and my favorite, Georgetown, a town en route to and from the beach. It has a sign as you pass through town headed away from the beach that reads "If you lived here, you'd be home now."

Tommy and Joe can help me out - which town is the one with the giant scrapple billboard?

Now Connecticut would have been a lost cause. I think I know maybe five there, tops...