Wednesday, April 09, 2008

F-ing brilliant

To be fair, I only like 49 of the 93 things listed on the blog devoted to Stuff White People Like. But that's over 50%. And as a criticism of a certain kind of crunchy-granola patronizing-to-the-poor liberalism that I'm often guilty of, it's just amazing. (My favorite entries: #4--Assists, #7--Difficult Breakups, and #83--Having Bad Memories of High School.)

Anyhoo, this is brilliant satire, and I'm pretty much the target. It's not surprising I'd like it (after all, #50 is "irony"). For an extra laugh, read the comments, where far too many people become enraged at the writing. Chill out, y'all. Laugh at yourself.

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christom said...

Stuff White People Like is played. Those in the know read WhiteWhine.