Sunday, April 20, 2008

Clinton fatigue

Interesting article on people abandoning the Clintons, and how angry it is making the Clintons. They feel that people are reconsidering the Clintons' legacy and the effectiveness of Bill's presidency.

I'm not sure I see it that way.

I've always felt that each election is a fresh, new thing, and that past issues are completely irrelevant. It's about now. I'm on record as being an Obama fan from the beginning. Part of it is that Hillary is leaning on her experience, and I'm on record as saying that I don't feel that her time as first lady does much to convince me she's ready to be President. I've also read Obama's books and such and am wholeheartedly on that bandwagon. Clinton has completely turned me off during this campaign by telling one hell of a whopper of a lie (the Bosnia thing). She then had the nerve to pass it off as her misremembering.

This pisses me off. I have problems with misremembering; sometimes I forget where I left my cell phone, and occasionally I mix up where I was when something happened. But I've never remembered getting shot at when I wasn't shot at. When one's "mistaken memory" is something that casts them as the hero of a titanic narrative, it's not a mistake. It's a lie. There is no other word for it, and to dress it up otherwise is offensive to those who tell the truth.

So Hillary Clinton's own lie has actually made me (and I doubt I am alone) remember some of Bill's less-attractive attributes. To Bill's credit, he never really lied...he told Bill Clinton Truths. The bit about "I've never broken the laws of this country" when asked if he smoked dope? The truth...but designed to mask his marijuana use overseas. The bit about "I have never had sexual relations with that woman"? Well, the dictionary Bill had defined "sexual relations" as intercourse. So, again, he told the "truth." It also gave us the quibbling over the definition of "is."

I wouldn't take back Bill's optimism, his policies, or what he did for the country in the 1990s. But this election gives me an opportunity to vote for a man who, while perhaps a little slick, does strike me as an honest man who will speak truths even when they're not what I want to hear. And since Hillary wants me to remember Bill's years and give her credit for them, well, she gets the baggage too. Only it's a little worse...she's told me a lie, where Bill told slimy truths.

If there is Clinton fatigue, it's not just that familiarity has breeded contempt. Their conduct has brought it on themselves, and I'm looking forward to her being out of the picture.


Brooklyn said...

I hate to say it as a lifetime democrat but my Clinton fatigue has hit such an all-time high that I will not vote for Hillary even if she is 'nominated'.

Like yourself I'm an Obama man (though I'd probably be an Edwards man were he still in the race). While I recognize Hillary's right to campaign, I believe that when her chances to justify a nomination by a majority of pledged delegates ended, so should have her campaign. this attempting to circumvent the voters and win through superdelegates is so 'insider' that it reminds me of how Dubya got himself the 2000 election. Not a kind comaprison.

And now the level of damage and do-anything-to-win tactics have grown so unseemly that I could no longer vote for her in good conscience. The ABC 'Debate', the smear tactics, the undiginified bulldog role of a former President, the theatre, the lies, it's gotten to be too much. Clintons, please go home.

Brooklyn said...

I apologize for the typos BTW, ugh. I HATE published mistakes....just tired tonight.