Monday, April 28, 2008

As much as I bitch about the new school...

teaching AP at a needy school is almost unbelievably satisfying. I'd say that, while teaching at the old place is generally more fun than teaching at the new place, teaching AP at the new place is more rewarding than anything that happened at the old place, including AP there.

They started as fairly weak writers, worked their asses off, and are now pretty good writers. I'm both biased and optimistic, but I think about 80% of them are going to pass the AP exam and skip English 101.

Feels like we've done something good together. I love the kids at the new place when they're willing to bust their butts and drink the Kool-Aid I provide. It works.


Joe said...

Awesome. From the college community, thank you.

SouthBay Mom said...

I found your blog today about NBPTS and I would love to pick your brain. I'm a retaker and I desperately need help on how to study for the language study question (my weakest area). Can you offer any advice? Please email me at Thanks! Christine

TeacherRefPoet said...

Mrs. Levinson--

I crammed as much as I could about second language acquisition--memorized the stages of it. Then, I identified what stage the writer was in, and tried to elucidate what skills needed to be worked on (and which errors were higher level and best left for later). I think I may have suggested techniques to teach it, too. Apparently the scorers bought it, so I'd recommend a similar strategy to anyone trying.

You're in the same boat as a LOT of other teachers taking the test. Don't freak out too much! Good luck.


Hillary said...

Mrs. Levinson -
I also discovered this blog when trying to get NBC certification. I used this site to study for the CLAD and NBC:

Try to learn some jargon you can throw around AND figure out what you actually would do with a real live student. It worked for me. Also, concentrate more on the content of your essay than worrying about how beautifully written it is. You don't have the time in 1/2 hour Good luck!