Friday, March 28, 2008

Well, there goes the bracket.

I led my workplace, er, competition (because pools are illegal) after the first weekend. But with Wisconsin out (they were a final four pick) and Tennessee and probably Stanford (elite 8) gone, I can kiss that money--er, pride--goodbye.

Temperature is down to 100, and I no longer feel like just sitting around in the fetal position. That's a good sign, eh?

And only four more games until my full stat spreadsheet for major league games I have attended is done. Looking forward to that...

For now, I think I'll sit with the cat and get this computer off of my lap. The heat from the computer can't be good for my fever.

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Jim Anderson said...

With wins by North Carolina and UCLA (no surprises, really), I somehow pulled up from sub-20 to the 69th percentile. All while National Boarding. How did *that* happen?