Thursday, March 27, 2008

Because TRP is sick

He will sit out the last one-and-a-half days before Spring Break. Incredibly, our head secretary managed to score a sub for me (a tough maneuver, since so many people take personal days to extend their vacation). Since my fever is 101, I suspect I'm staying put here and hoping to be good for our planned excursion to Seattle on Sunday, Mariner Opening Day on Monday, and trip to the Ozarks on Tuesday.

Anyhow, here I sit in the sick room, inputting baseball stats (after 4 more games, there will only be the 2007 season to go), getting set for my bracket to become even more perfect (although I guess I can't manage to be better than a junior high boy without cable TV).

I will blog at least some tomorrow. I have thoughts on Hillary Clinton and the distinction between bad memory and lying (she did the latter about her 1996 Bosnia trip, and it pisses me off).

But for now...grape juice and the Sweet Sixteen.


Alison said...

RE the Bosnia trip: Is it not pathetic that we need to rely on Sinbad to be the voice of sanity?

tommyspoon said...

Speaking as someone who is sliding into allergy season... I feel your pain. Get better, buddy. And I have a suggestion for a productive use of your time in the sick room: call me so I have your new cell number! ;-)