Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I don't fall far from the tree

I asked my mom which candidate she supported the other day, and she responded in song.

Sing these lyrics to the tune of "Hosanna" from Jesus Christ Superstar:

O-Bama! O-bama, bama, bama, O...Bama, O-bama, Ohhh BAAAAAAAmaaaaahhh...

Anyone who has seen me sing at anything that remotely reminds me of any song won't be surprised at my mom doing the same thing. But is it nature or nurture? Hmmm...

Of course, the following line, "Hey J.C., J.C, won't you fight for me" would have to be "B.O." Not really a great substitution.

Plus, I'm not sure the Obama campaign would like the comparison of him to the Savior...although his more fervent backers might go along with it.

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Paula said...

To the Republicans: Why waste your breath, moaning at the crowds? Nothing can be done to stop the shouting. If every tongue were still the noise would still continue. The rocks and stones themselves would start to siiiiing!