Sunday, February 17, 2008

Accidental Tourists

This year's Spring Break Baseball Trip will bring my wife and I to the Ozarks. We've slated games in Springfield, MO and Little Rock, AR (the 26th and 27th states in which I will have seen a minor league game), and will clamber around northern Arkansas and southern Missouri for a few days to boot. We've been cobbling together rental cars and hotels and such for the last few days. It's going to be a cheap trip: we're cashing in frequent flier miles to go and are spending one night in a B&B by using a gift certificate a co-worker got us for our wedding two-and-a-half years ago.

As we did this, the in-laws very kindly offered us a birthday gift: a night of time-share in Branson. Branson is conveniently located not far from where we'll be, and we were planning on at least looking at it.

But now we'll actually be in Branson for one night.

Seems like we should see a show.

West-coast liberal that I am, I just don't think I'm Branson's target demographic. It's not quite as far gone as I thought Pigeon Forge was, (and my wife thought too) but it's still not aiming for me.

But crap, we're gonna be in Branson, why not see a show?

Today, we began research by looking at this page. Any of those shows tickle your fancy?

Yeah, me neither.

But my wife and I are plugging along.

Our interest was piqued for Andy Williams, although we figured we might have to don grey wigs to gain admission. I wasn't sure...I mix him up with Anson Williams sometimes, and I wouldn't be into a Potsie show...but once that was figured out, we were excited to see a real-live crooner.

He's not playing that night.

Once we plowed through the list, there were really only two shows I'd consider. One is the Oak Ridge Boys. I'm not much into country, but I like tight harmonies, and Swankette has them doing a kick-ass cover of "Carry On My Wayward Son." They were leading.

But $43 for a group I'd just sorta like to see?

I'd rather spend $35 to see Yakov Smirnoff. I'm astonished he's still doing his schtick. Communist-bloc jokes still work nearly two decades later? My wife keeps saying "I just don't think he's funny." I don't either. But be able to say "I saw Yakov Smirnoff in concert?" Worth the money somehow. (Alas, he's not playing that night either.)

We've settled on a scientific selection process that might land us a John Denver tribute (tolerable for this Colorado boy), but it's up in the air.

Suggestions? If you strangely found yourself in Branson as we would, which show would you pick?


Joe said...

I saw an Elvis impersonator in Vegas, and it was a much better show than I had any expectations it would be. So there's a good chance I'd pick one of them.

(Full disclosure: the tickets may have been free, which always helps me enjoy something I'm lukewarm about.)

Also a good chance I'd pick the Red Skelton tribute. He was pretty funny.

I'm a little surprised you didn't mention Bill Medley, although that is a $45 gamble that he's still got something in the tank.

Can I just say how disappointed I was when I read about "Smoke on the Water" and "The Magnificent 7"? Especially the last one... I was hoping for singing cowboy dinner theater.

tommyspoon said...

Oak Ridge Boys, "From Patsy to Present" (but I'm a huge Patsy Cline fan) or one of the Elvii.

"12 Irish Tenors"??? Ye gods, don't we have enough of those already...?

Anonymous said...

I've seen the Andy Williams show and it is really well done. I was certainly the youngest in the audience, traveling to Branson with mom & her cronies, but I enjoyed the music.

Alison said...

I'd definitely go with Yakov. And then I'd sneak backstage and try to get him to reminisce about his favorite appearances on Night Court.