Saturday, January 05, 2008

TRP's Fearless Round One Predictions

My preseason SB pick was New England over New Orleans. Half of that looks pretty good.

As for this week:

Seattle over Washington. (It's in progress, but this is what I picked pre-game.) The Racial Epithets have a great story, but they aren't convincing enough for me.

Jacksonville over Pittsburgh. I like what they've got going on in Jacksonville.

San Diego over Tennessee. Hobbled Vince, studly LaDainian.

Giants over Tampa Bay. New York looked damn good in defeat last week.


Jim Anderson said...

I'm calling Pittsburgh based on Roethlisberger's playoff experience. I like Tampa Bay's defense, too. New York looked good last week, but only until the Patriots started playing for reals.

I'm with you on your San Diego pick, though.

Jim Anderson said...

Well, so much for Big Ben. Why QBs get wacky like that sometimes, throwing deep into double or triple coverage... but if his coach had gone for one on each of the two late touchdowns, who knows?

I'm still hopin' on Garcia, though...

TeacherRefPoet said...

Like Seattle, Jacksonville impressed me enough to think they could pull off a second-round upset...

and then changed my mind.

Jim Anderson said...

No turnovers for the Giants = victory. That Dallas matchup might just be a good one.

Watch--now I've gone and poisoned the Chargers' chances.