Friday, January 25, 2008

Ron Paul's strategy

Here's what I know about Ron Paul:

1. He's a Republican and I'm a Democrat, so I won't have to decide how I feel about him unless he garners the Republican nomination.

2. He has a very passionate, small group of loud supporters.

3. All of those supporters seem to be on top of overpasses.

In fact, Ron Paul seems to have the overpass vote pretty well locked up. If the election were today, and only people standing on top of overpasses got to vote, President Paul would be around the corner. But once we're off the overpass, statistics show them having trouble. I'd recommend that their next step be for them to try to encourage more people to move to overpasses, perhaps by building large condos on them.


tjandholly said...

thats one of the funnier political posts ive read in long time; and Im a Ron Paul supporter!

thanks for the laugh

TeacherRefPoet said...

Thanks, guys, for having a sense of humor about your political candidate. Almost nobody on either side does anymore! Thanks, as well, for the work you're doing with street kids in the Dominican Republic. Best of luck!

Jim Anderson said...

This summer I learned that in Illinois, overpasses are home to restaurants and gas stations. So maybe your plan isn't so farfetched...

realsupergirl said...

He also, BTW, has the Facebook crowd locked up. He's leading by an overwhelming majority among Facebook Republicans. NPR actually talked about this at one point. He's by far the most popular among Republicans under age 25. Which, by the way the Republican party treats him, is clearly not a demographic they care about.

He's really a Libertarian. He ran as a Libertarian last time. I like him cause he's the only Republican daring to criticize Bush's policy in Iraq. But he's a total fruitcake. Kind of like Huckabee - I like him cause he's the only Republican not talking about how Reagan was the greatest president ever and still trying to convince people trickle down economics works. But he too, is a total fruitcake.

And there in lies the problem the Republicans have: Their two most interesting candidates are both total fruitcakes.

tommyspoon said...

No matter what you think of Ron Paul, be careful not to trivialize his supporters. They raised $6 million dollars for him in A SINGLE DAY. That is an unprecedented feat.

From where I stand, the same things are driving the supporters of Paul and Obama: an overwhelming desire for change. And that's a good thing!