Sunday, January 27, 2008

Obama passes Gore

In my estimation, that is. I'm 120 pages into Obama's The Audacity of Hope, which I bought a couple of weeks ago in an effort to figure out what this guy's all about.

I believe in him more now.

First, he's an incredible writer. He manages to write about our gridlocked, ugly system without announcing simple solutions or claiming to be above the problems he describes.

Second, I like the way he treats the opposition. There's too much demonization of the opposing party by all of us. While I liked Al Gore's most recent book, I found it was a lot of "Bush sucks, Bush sucks," which, while true, didn't exactly impress me. Too easy.

Obama has respect for the office, his constituents, and his opponents. Every page or two, I keep saying "Yes! I want that to happen! I believe in this! I need to blog that quote!"

It has gone beyond agreement and into the realm of a non-sexual man-crush.

He believes in service to country over service to party. I actually believe he could bring us all together, and I'm usually a cynic. No Republican can bring us all together right now, and nobody named Clinton can either, I'm afraid.

So I'm set to send Obama a few bucks. He's won me over to the point where I no longer am pining for Gore.

Of course, to be fair, I may have to read a Hillary Clinton book next, but I can't imagine liking her perspectives more than Obama's.


Anonymous said...

If you like AOH you absolutely, positively MUST read Dreams from My Father.

MCMC said...

I totally agree with the previous comment. I couldn't make it through Audacity of Hope. It's clearly a book written by and for a guy running for president.

Dreams from My Father is powerful, and the first third is some of the most powerful stuff written on race since James Baldwin.