Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I've got playoff intensity.

I'm one of those guys who just STEPS UP HIS GAME for the playoffs. UNSTOPPABLE. I went 4-for-4 last weekend. So get outta my way...I'm picking them all right all the way to the Bowl.

Of course, I never would have MADE the playoffs, because my regular season predictions were terrible. To wit:

(within one game=on. two games=off. three or more=way off.)

Team/My predicted wins/Actual wins/Difference/Result

San Diego 12/11/-1/on
Denver 9/7/-2/off
Kansas City 6/4/-2/off
Oakland 4/4/0/on

Cincy 11/7/-4/way off
Baltimore 9/5/-4/way off
Pittsburgh 8/10/+2/off
Cleveland 4/10/+6/way off

Indy 11/13/+2/off
Houston 7/8/+1/on
Jax 7/11/+4/way off
Tenn 6/10/+4/way off

New England 13/16/+3/way off
Buffalo 9/7/-2/off
Jets 6/4/-2/off
Miami 5/1/-4/way off

St. Lou 9/3/-6/way off
Seattle 9/10/+1/on
SF 8/5/-3/way off
AZ 6/8/+2/off

Chicago 11/7/-4/way off
GB 8/13/+5/way off
Det 6/7/+1/on
Minn 3/8/+5/way off

NO 10/7/-3/way off
Car 9/7/-2/off
TB 5/9/+4/off
ATL 3/4/+1/on

PHI 10/8/-2/off
Dal 9/13/+4/way off
Was 7/9/+2/off
NYG 6/10/+4/way off

I picked 5 of 12 playoff teams, including exactly ONE of six NFC playoff participants. Thanks, Dallas.

92 games off total, for an average of just short of 3 games off per team. This is a nose-dive from last year. But I'm making it up to you here in the playoffs.

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