Sunday, January 27, 2008

The internet is good for friendships

One of my best high school friends has re-emerged in my life after two decades.

We sang together in high school, and were even friends for a while as far back as sixth grade. I wound up graduating and going to college...he wound up not graduating and getting wrapped up in drugs. My last memory of him was after my freshman year in college. He had decorated his room with a "Just Say No" bumper sticker he had jerry-rigged to say "Just Say Yes." He had just gotten a job at a grocery store, and said he had a new goal. "I want to show everybody that I can use drugs and still hold down a job."

I realized that his goals and my goals were incompatible. I walked away from his house and essentially wrote him off, hoping that he'd get clean, but knowing that I couldn't be in contact with him unless he did.

I only heard rumors about him through the years...and they were not good ones.

Thank goodness I'm the #1 me on the Internet. I got an email from him a few years ago. He had one hell of a rough decade as an addict, but he's done.

We've been in sporadic email contact lately, but when I sent out my "I've moved to Vancouver!" email to friends a little while back, I got a return email from him, saying "Wow! I'm moving to Portland!"

And thus is a friendship renewed after 20 years.

His wife--a woman we sang with back in the day--played a pretty large role in my buddy's cleanup. I won't tell the story, as it's not mine to tell, but as Swankette and I sat at McMenamin's hearing about that hellish decade and the love story that ended it, well, I was pretty blown away. And hearing about some of the lows the man has hit...well, let's just say we should say no to drugs, kids. As his wife kept saying, "It's incredible he's alive." It is indeed.

Welcome back, friend.

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brooklyn said...

I'm pretty certain I know who this is about - I'd be very interested in the story if you feel like emailing me....