Friday, January 11, 2008

I Heart Moxie's

I need to start drinking less soda. The stuff just isn't that good for you. I'll try to take a bottle of water to work for lunch instead of my usual blast of corn syrup.

Plus, by eliminating the common daily soda, I can justify regular pilgrimages to Moxie's. I can put a hoagie in a bag, and have more moments like this one...

sitting back, relaxing after reffing a game, and enjoying a wonderful soda I'd never seen before. Tonight, it's Nesbitt's Peach Soda.

Delicious. Wonderful, tasty, unique, sweet, and delicious.

Is this just taking me back to the old days, where we'd get canned soda from a cooler after soccer games in second grade? It was never Nesbitt's Peach, but it was a reward for running hard. I'm digging this.

If Moxie's didn't close at six, I think I might get a hoagie and an exotic soda after every ballgame.

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