Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The continuing joy of data entry

First a shout out to my mom. (Hi, Mom!)

I have to state that my mother, pushing 70, has to be the coolest pushing-70-year-old-mom in the history of civilzation. This isn't meant as a slight to your pushing-70-year-old moms, of course. But let's face it--most of your pushing-70-year-old moms are at home, knitting, watching Divorce Court, probably feeding a cat. Your moms have to call a neighbor for help whenever there's a power outage to make sure that the Lawrence Welk show tapes properly on the VCR.

Not my mom.

My mom is staying up late at night working on newer and better ways to organize my Access database. I hit her with something I want to know (e.g. "Mom, how do I set it up so I can determine individual players' all-time record in my presence?") and about 24 hours later I get a macro.

All that, AND she can knit circles around your mom.

So, to make it official: Mom, you ROCK. Coolest. Mom. Ever.

Second, here's part of the reason that I love doing this...I can discover baseball moments I've seen that I didn't know I'd seen. For instance, I remember a bitterly cold night at Comiskey Park with my cousins, who stripped shirtless in the freezing miserable April lake-wind night. I remember wearing 5 layers of clothes as I capped off a Cubs-and-Sox-in-one-day adventure.

But today I discovered someone I did not remember.

Oscar Salazar.

Ten days in the bigs, and I saw him play. And see that one career home run? It was that miserable night on Chicago's South Side. He joins Mitch Lyden in the TRP Saw Him Hit His Only Career Home Run Hall of Fame. (And both happened in Chicago. Hmmm. What's it all mean?)

Oscar hit his home run on April 19, 2002. The Tigers sent him down two days later, and he hasn't been back to the bigs. But, after two years away from the affiliated minors, he re-appeared last year playing double-A ball for the Orioles in Bowie. He's only 29, so the major league dream might be flickering, but it isn't over yet.

Oscar, if you need any help, send me tickets. You need me in those stands.. Seriously...I'm your good luck charm. There were only 16,000 of us who bought tickets that night, and even fewer of us hardy enough to show up. Go ahead and get me to a ballgame this year.

It's a little creepy how much I'm enjoying putting together this database. But at least I have the support of my family.

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Alison said...

Great post, TRP - your mom is definitely more computer-savvy than mine.

On the other hand, my just-past-70 mom travels all over the place, is politically active, and generally seems to have a cooler life than I do. Don't know quite what that means in the grand scheme of things, but I suspect it is revenge for my teenage years or something :-)

It is my fervent hope that someday I'll have a much cooler life than Calvin.