Wednesday, December 05, 2007

TRP is in the HOUSE!

Yup, in the hizz-ouse! In HIS-hizz-OUSE!

Things have been crazy here, what with lack of internet access, unpacking (thank you, Swankette, for doing so much of this while I'm away at work!), and work commitments. I know you all have barely been able to get by without me. But I'm here, and boxes are trickling down to nonexistence around me. I have internet access and a working computer. And with my commute gone, I even have some modicum of free time. Finally, and as ever, I have loads of brilliant insights and critically important opinions.

This blog needs to be revived. And it shall be.

But not tonight. Wife and I are off to see Aimee Mann sing Christmas songs. I love Aimee Mann.

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