Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Sick Room

I'm spending my second consecutive day at home due to illness. I never do that, so this is highly unusual. I noticed I was sick on Monday during 2nd period, fought through the day at school, and made it home as sick as a dog. My temperature: 101.7. Yesterday: 99.6. So I'm staying at home, making sure I'm well enough to make it through to Christmas.

And I'm doing it in one of the best aspects of my house:

The Sick Room.

Now, don't tell my guests that this will be the guest room eventually. But when there are not guests, it is the sick room. We have a bed featuring a new mattress. We have wireless internet, and we have TV hooked up to the cable. Originally, it was supposed to be my first TV (my college graduation gift, actually), but that died in storage, so we went out and bought a tiny TV--much better suited for the sick room. So, for 48 hours, I've been in bed, cleaning out the accumulated TiVo stuff (lots of the Colbert and Stewart I've missed, loads of Cash Cab, and quite a lot of Letterman).

I woke up today with no fever, but no energy. So I'm trying to hang out in bed, but walking around the house every hour or so--sometimes to see my wife's wonderful progress on the house (all the boxes in the living room are empty!), sometimes to do laundry, sometimes to get some grape juice.

I've also started the huge process of data entering all of the statistics for baseball games I've attended. That'll take a helluva long time.

Sick room ROCKS.

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