Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The joy of data entry

Last year for Christmas, I got Microsoft Access. I have eleven scorebooks filled with ballgames I've seen (200+ major league games, going on 100 minor league games), and I decided that the notecards which led to Excel which just keep track of wins, saves, homers, and stolen bases are simply inadequate. What if somebody ran up to me and threatened to detonate a nuclear device if I didn't immediately tell the top five players ranked by OPS on the road in games I have witnessed? This could happen. I need to be prepared for it.

So, after putting it off for a while, I started the data entry while I was sick last week (it's a fine way to pass many, many hours while sick). If I average two games a day, I'll be done by the time the season starts. And, with some coaching from my mom and maybe JJ, I'll be but a few clicks away from any obscure Stat In TRP's Presence ever.

I do enjoy reliving the games, however, and cross-referencing with baseball-reference.com to learn cool stuff. I know most of the major league debuts I've seen, but rarely do you know you're seeing a guy at or near the end of his career. I saw this guy finish off a highly brief and undistinguished career. That's cool.

I've seen several players who have since passed on, as well. Kirby Puckett. Ken Caminiti. Aurelio Lopez.

So data entry can actually be quite fun.

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Anonymous said...

You do realize that this is a kind of sickness...? Nah! Whatever makes you happy, TRP!