Sunday, December 16, 2007

Dave Gorman may top himself...

First of all, I have just found that Dave Gorman (who I love, and who loves me) has a blog. I'll be checking in to see one of the funniest guys around.

Second, Dave has been quiet (at least here in the US...he has a radio show in the UK) since his Googlewhack Adventure. Well, that's going to end. He spent much of last year driving across the US with a film crew with one of his goals. This goal, while not as wacky as to meet 54 Dave Gormans or to meet a chain of 10 Googlewhacks, is pretty difficult and interesting, and might tell a lot about what's good and bad in US Culture.

He attempted to travel across the US from coast-to-coast without eating at a chain restaurant, sleeping at a chain motel, or (and I can't believe this is possible!) buying gas from a chain gas station.

The book is coming out in April or May, and I'll buy it even if I have to pay overseas shipping. There's also a movie...America Unchained...which won first place at the Austin Film Festival. I'll need to see that. I hope I get a chance.

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