Friday, November 02, 2007

Exhaustion? Or the paper flu?

I've promised myself a sick day for a while now simply because I'm having trouble enduring the long commute and the early wake-up. Today I took it. Of course, it's backfiring a little bit...I stayed late at work to get things ready for the sub, woke up a 4AM with the realization that I forgot to leave a seating chart (which I prepared and emailed at 4:50), and I've spent today working on papers. Some good stuff from my AP kids, who continue to make tracks...I'd say that, if the exam were given today, about half would pass the essay portion. (The multiple choice we'll work on next week).

The point is that, after a 4-hour grading marathon, I'm feeling exhausted again. Poor, poor me.

I still have some papers to dig out of, but I'll be napping first.

And wife says that we could live in our new place, and be out of here, as early as Thursday. Hurrah. I'm thankful to my in-laws for providing lodging for three months, and I'm also very, very thankful it's coming to an end (and I bet they are too--they get their house back).


Paula Reed said...

Oh to just take a day and play! (It'll never happen for an English teacher.)

Good luck with the move!

Shannin said...

I know it seems like I always have more work when I get back from a "sick" day, so it's often not worth it, even if I need a mental health day.