Sunday, October 28, 2007

Whining about work

I'll try to be broad and vague here:

Let us suppose that, the day after tomorrow, my administration announced the following: "The administration feels that ice cream is a delicious treat which should be enjoyed in moderation. We therefore will be providing ice cream--one scoop to each certificated staff member, and of the individual staff member's choice--every Friday after school."

Here's what would follow: an emergency faculty meeting and a dozen enraged emails about how the bosses were railroading their dairy-related agenda down our throats.

How does a new guy change such a culture? Is it intractable? Do I wait for people to retire or die, or for my pitchfork-carrying colleagues to run my bosses (who I basically like) out of town on a rail? Or do I leave?

As politicized and ugly as I sometimes thought the old place was...well, this takes the cake.

I think I need to give this two years to blow over. Is that too long?


MCMC said...

Depends. I think the key is to figure out if you can build relationships with teachers who see this situation the same way. If there's such a group to make common cause with, there's potential. You can put together a core group of folks that can silence the kneejerks and still hold your bosses accountable when necessary. On the other hand, if those folks don't exist (or exist but don't have it in them to create a new culture...) you're screwed. Get out.


Paula Reed said...

I would claim lactose intolerance, myself...