Thursday, October 04, 2007

2007 Baseball Challenge Results

Who has won the 22 oz. soda? Me or pankleb?

We shall soon soon as I type the following.

The first number is the actual result for the year. The second is TRP's projected total, the third is pankleb's. Then, I say who's closer, and whether our picks were "on" (within 4 games), "off" (5-8 games) or "way off" (9 or more games).

Boston 96/91/90 TRP by 1, both off
Yankees 94/93/96 TRP by 1, both on
Toronto 83/83/84 TRP by 1, both on (TRP exact!)
Baltimore 69/68/69 Pankleb by 1, both on (pankleb exact!)
Tampa Bay 66/68/68 tied, both on

Cleveland 96/85/91 Pankleb by 6, TRP way off, pankleb off
Detroit 88/89/80 TRP by 7, TRP on, pankleb off
Minnesota 79/83/85 TRP by 2, TRP on, pankleb off
Chicago Sox 72/89/83 Pankleb by 6, both way off
Kansas City 69/65/70 pankleb by 3, both on

LA of A 94/88/90 Pankleb by 2, TRP off, pankleb on
Seattle 88/79/76 TRP by 3, both way off
Oakland 76/84/84 tied, both off
Texas 75/76/80 TRP by 4, TRP on, pankleb off

Philadelphia 89/91/85 TRP by 2, both on
NY Mets 88/83/93 tied, both off
Atlanta 84/79/80 pankleb by 1, TRP off, pankleb on
Washington 73/58/66 pankleb by 8, TRP way off, pankleb off
Florida 71/69/78 TRP by 5, TRP on, pankleb off

Cubs 85/84/86 tied, both on
Milwaukee 83/89/80 pankleb by 3, TRP off, pankleb on
St. Louis 78/87/90 TRP by 3, both way off
Houston 73/79/73 pankleb by 6, TRP off, pankleb on (exact!)
Cincinnati 72/81/73 Pankleb by 8, TRP way off, pankleb on
Pittsburgh 68/70/63 TRP by 3, TRP on, pankleb off

Arizona 90/90/89 TRP by 1, both on (TRP exact!)
Colorado 89/80/76 TRP by 4, both way off (went with pre-playoff total)
San Diego 89/85/80 TRP by 5, TRP on, pankleb way off
LAD 82/86/93 TRP by 7, TRP on, pankleb way off
SF 71/74/74 even, both on

And the winner is...
well, let me do this by division:

AL East, TRP by 2.
AL Central, pankleb by 6.
AL West, TRP by 5.
NL East, pankleb by 3.
NL Central, pankleb by 11.
NL West, TRP by 17.

I win by four games! Mmmm...tasty carbonated drink coming my way!

To put it another way:

TRP: 16 on, 7 off, 7 way off. That ain't bad.
pankleb: 14 on, 10 off, 6 way off. That's pretty good too.

Pankleb has 5 of the 8 playoff participants, including all 4 AL teams.
TRP has 5 of the 8 playoff participants as well (I had Philadelphia instead of the Mets; he had Cleveland instead of the Tigers).

His WS pick, Yankees over D-backs, is still possible. Mine, Tigers over D-backs, is not.

But he still owes me a soda. C'mon up to the 'Couv this winter, pankleb. I'll buy you your chips, then we can go to Moxie's and you can get me the hoagie and drink you owe me.

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pankleb said...

Awesome, and congratulations.

Yes, let's get together soon. Well, my AZ prediction for the NL World Series team has a lot of potential, though sadly at the expense of my Cubbies.