Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Your new teacher: Mr. Schilling

Kids arrived today. I'm a little uncertain about one of my classes (a particularly rambunctious group of sophomores that will require some time and effort to break in), but the other four will work out just fine. But today had a little bit of a rough patch to it.

I love the first day of school. I love the fresh start of it all, for me and for students. And I always buy a fresh set of clothes to wear. It's simply a cool day. Today: an avocado shirt, chocolate brown pants, new tie, and brand-new oxblood loafers.

I have first period prep, and walked around a bit to get mail, do an errand for the teacher next door, and the like.

Man, those shoes are tight. Yow. I bought the high size for me, but these...well, they're rubbing.

Walking became too uncomfortable, so I sat down in my room and checked out my foot.

My right ankle was bleeding into my sock. Fortunately, my sock was brown already, so it wasn't visually embarrassing.

I hobbled to the health room and grabbed a couple of bandages. I cleaned myself up and applied said bandages. But I couldn't put the shoe back on. It just hurt too damn much.

So I taught the whole day with one shoe on and one shoe off.

I'd introduce myself, go over a few basic expectations, and say "Hey, do you have any questions about me or who I am?" Without exception, students asked: "Why do you have only one shoe on?"

I told them the whole sad saga. I let them know that a lesser man would be in the hospital receiving transfusions...perhaps even lapsing into a coma. But me? I care too deeply. That's why I was there teaching.

They rolled their eyes.

Good start to the year.


Anonymous said...

I thought for sure you were leading up to a line about "waiting for the other shoe to drop...". I suppose that would have been too obvious :-)
-- JJC

Shannin said...

Too funny... I'm a bit surprised you didn't break in the shoes first. I usually try since there is nothing worse than getting a cute pair of shoes that cause bleeding...

Paula said...

Oh, the sacrifices we make. You must have had good role models as a student...