Saturday, September 01, 2007


I'm all prepared for class to start on Tuesday, which means I'm taking the actual Labor Day Weekend to relax.

It also means I get to prepare the Massive Fantasy Football Draft Spreadsheet.

Two years ago, my wife joined our league. She likes football a little bit...but she likes spreadsheets a LOT. She prepared a huge, multicolored, multidataed sheet, flew down to Vegas for the draft, and proceeded to win the championship in her inaugural campaign.

I was impressed. So I focused extra-hard on my spreadsheet last year, and whattaya know, I won it all.

So this year, in an effort to defend my title, I have outdone myself.

I have procured four separate FFL publications. Two of them I trust more than the third, and the fourth just looks like it's an outlier. So I've input their rankings into a spreadsheet and calculated a Weighted Average Player Ranking by position, with the trustworthy sources worth double and the bizarrely-weird source worth only half.

I then have input projected stats from a couple of sources and figured Projected Point Totals for our league.

What I need to decide before printing out the final list on Friday is which--the average ranking or the total points--is the more trustworthy way to rank. Maybe I weigh them 50/50. Yeah! Rank all players by total points, then re-rank by average ranking, then take the average of the two for the Really Significant Final Ranking.

OK--I'm delirious. It's time for bed.

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