Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Briefly checking in...

I'm digging out of diagnostic introductory essays. Don't think I've joined the Blog Graveyard...I'll get to it, but the commute combined with the workload combined with last weekend in Vegas combined with this weekend with parents in Bend is putting blogging on the back burner.

Two things:

1. I need to work on grabber introes. Here's a first sentence that is somehow mesmerizing: "In the world today, whether it may be local or international, there are several topics discussed." This is an AP Comp student, and she's not alone. I have a lot--LOT--of work to do with the advanced kids. More on that in a future post.

2. I'm trying a new tactic in the survive-the-damn-afternoon-commute challenge. Today was my first nap-on-the-floor-of-my-classroom day...but more interestingly, I'm trying to use the commute to catch up with friends. I'm utilizing my hands-free device and calling all the people I wish I could be talking to anyway. So much more fun than sports radio.

So much to blog about! I've got posts in my head about Brian Baird (in support, believe it or not), David Patreus (who's name I haven't looked up for proofreading purposes), Bill Belichick, and the shift from a very affluent to a less-than-affluent high school. But there's just not a minute to do them well, so they likely won't be done at all.

How are y'all doing?


tommyspoon said...

How am I doing? Oh let's see...

1. Waiting for the arrival of my new checks! (That's why the underdog money hasn't been sent yet, TRP.)

2. Really busy at work due to two "great ideas" I had last week. Be careful what you wish for...

3. Still adjusting to my new life. In some ways it's great (HD TV, nice location, nice front porch) and in other ways it really sucks (self-doubt, rampant feelings of ugliness and guilt, loneliness). But I know it'll get better. Just got to give it time.

Fall is arriving here, and that will help restore my spirits.

TRP, let me know what time you are on on the road and I can call you. Just keep those hands at 10 and 2, OK?

Venzmama said...

My daughter, a sophomore, is a very good writer, but intros are always difficult. Start with the basics and teach them hooks. It's one of the easiest for them to learn!

GrigorPDX said...


Still here, still breathing, Thinking we need to have you and Swankette over for dinner on the patio before it gets to cold and wet back there (not too late I hope!).

Shannin said...

I know the move to a new city/routine is daunting. Several people I know who have long commutes swear by XM (or whatever it's called now) radio.

Sorry about the Seahawks - what a season so far!