Friday, August 24, 2007

Join the 2007 Underdog Pool

Clearly, this ref hasn't learned from the NBA scandal, and is going right forward with running a pool...but hey, I doubt this twenty bucks will impact my ability to officiate HS hoops.

I've just sent this email out to my friends, and I wanted to invite blog-friends as well. If you're interested in joining, fire me off an email, or comment here with an email where I can reach you. (I'll delete your reply as soon as I see it.)


We'll keep it relatively cheap--twenty bucks--as last year. I feel like the $220 from last year made a winner-take-all pool sensible, but if we get up to 20 participants or so, I'd like to give prizes to second and third places as well, or maybe beyond.

To refresh your memory on the rules, on Tuesday morning of each week (or as soon thereafter as I remember), I send out the first line on the left from Yahoo's list of lines. Before the first ballgame is played on Sunday (unless, of course, you pick an underdog from a Thursday or Saturday game, in which case it's due earlier), each participant selects one and only one underdog for the week. If that team wins outright, you get the number of points they were an underdog by.

So picking Oakland to win in Indianapolis might net you 15 or 16 points, depending on the opening line; picking a slight underdog, however, will net you a point or two. Of course, the latter is far more likely to happen than the former, so the game is tricky. Last year's winner had no points as late as week 8, but got hot and pulled out the win.

If you're interested, fire me off an email or just send me twenty bucks if you see me or know my address.

Unlike last year, I'd enjoy starting out with week one this year. I'll get lines out to everyone who expresses interest in the middle of next week. If you see this later than that, no sweat; you certainly can join in during week 2 for no penalty. I would like all money in my hands, however, by Tuesday, September 18, 2007, at which point I'll set up the prizes.

Let me know, y'all. And good luck to you.


jackbogsblog said...
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tommyspoon said...

I'm in. I'll put your $ in the mail on Monday.

Butterbean said...

Count me in. email me through my blog with details.