Saturday, August 04, 2007

Hangin' with the in-laws

We are now in the no-man's land of the move.

Friday was the big day; the mover guys came by. We met at the storage place, where we loaded a truck. We drove the few blocks to the condo, where we gave the directions: if possible, we wanted all of our stuff in the Pod. If not, we would take any leftover boxes back to storage, and Swankette and I would figure out what to do from there.

We had an absolute artist. Anybody moving in the Seattle area should use this company to load up your stuff. I spent most of the day watching Keenan and his sidekick Michael load up our pod. I swear to God we have no air inside of that thing! Swankette said it was like watching a 3-D game of Tetris, and it was. Our stuff was shrink-wrapped and stacked gorgeously.

It wasn't from Keenan's lack of effort, but we couldn't quite get everything into the Pod, so there will be one or two more trips back to Redmond in our future to clear out the rest of our possessions. And we somehow managed to leave behind our vacuum in the condo. But, we are officially out, and once they replace our carpet on Monday, our place will be back up for sale. Anyone want a condo conveniently located near Microsoft?

So here we are, in an extended period of transition. We can't buy the new place until we've sold the old, but we can't stay at the new place--I start AP training in Vancouver on Monday, so we need to be down here. Net result: we're at the in-laws place. They're great people, and I think that Sarge is glad to have someone to watch baseball with, as the Mariners somehow have pulled within a half game of a playoff spot. But it's weird not having a place of our own, even if it is so self-evidently temporary.

There's a walking trail nearby here, and Swankette and I enjoyed a walk tonight. And we'll head to a Beavers game tomorrow afternoon. Just makin' the best out of our brief spell here in Oregon.

Blogging may decrease for a while here, especially while I take AP Comp training, and while I read Julius Caesar for the first time, and especially while the "M" key on my keyboard is so very temperamental.

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Shannin said...

Sounds like the move is going well. Hope the old place sells quickly for you!