Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I've been doing a hellish commute for the last couple of weeks while Swankette and I have been shacking up with the Parents of Swank. It started as about 50 minutes to work, although I've adjusted my route a little and knocked it down to 45 minutes. But the way oh man. It's been as long as two hours, although it seems to be settling in around an hour and 15 minutes.

It's temporary, which is good. It's about an eighth of a tank of gas a day, which is bad. It's exhausting, which is troubling--I have to be at school by 7AM, so I leave at 5:40 (just in case there is a traffic snarl). I worry a little about fatigue...I'll be very careful, don't worry...I'm already prepared to take a nap on my desk if need be, and my brand new boss has already offered for me to stay the night in her family's guest room. ("You'll even get dinner and breakfast out of the deal, but I don't want you driving home tired!" she said. First impression of the new boss: very good!)

But the main thing I've been thinking is that some people choose to do this!

Who in the name of God would subject themselves to this?

I don't care how wonderful your distant rural or suburban place is, how could you sacrifice that kind of time and energy every single day? It's just an awful thing. Horrendous. I can't WAIT until it ends.

Anybody wanna buy a condo near Microsoft? Please? We've even knocked the price down...


tommyspoon said...

As a hellish commute survivor, I feel your pain. At least it's temporary; I'm sure you've got enough audio amusement to help keep you entertained.

Never forget to use the facilities before you leave for the day!

Alison said...

I likewise sympathize. My 100+ mile round trip to school gets really wearing, which is why I keep trying to schedule my classes so that everything is lumped into as few days as possible.

And in our case, I do the commute because, given the distance between Gambier and OSU, one of us would need to make the long haul, so it might as well be me. I suppose we could have sold the house in Gambier and moved somewhere in the middle, like Sunbury, but at the time I started school, we only owned one car.

GrigorPDX said...

Ugh. I despised the six weeks we commuted from Van Mall to downtown back in summer of 1999. Even that relatively-short commute (nothing compared to yours or Alison's) was excruciating.

(Goes back to thinking good thoughts about sold condos)