Sunday, August 05, 2007

At today's Beavers game

The Beavers wore pink uniforms today for "Strike Out Breast Cancer Day." Real men wear pink, yo.

Early in the game, Memphis scored a run, and there were some cheers...expatriate Cardinal fans, probably. The six-or-seven year old behind me asked the following question:

"Dad, why are so many people cheering for cancer?"

Don't worry, kid...cancer would lose. Yordany Ramirez is an absolute stud. I saw him at Lake Elsinore last year and three times in Portland this year. First time I saw him in Portland--I think it might have been his first game in AAA--he made a catch in center and crashed through the wall by busting open a garage-size opening. Today, he hit a two-out, game-winning three-run homer in the bottom of the eighth. He's a guy I have a non-sexual minor-league man-crush on.

And what do you know: he's interviewed on today. His favorite restaurant: Chili's. "I love eating there because there's all kinds of great food."

But another of his answers worries me even more than a guy whose favorite restaurant in the world is Chili's. If he could have three wishes, they would be as follows: "First, to be able to hit better. Second, I want to be bigger, like 220 pounds (he's listed at 160 now), and last, I would like to play in the Major Leagues."

Those three wishes in combo are a little scary, ain't they? Stay away from the 'roids, Yordany. You're a stud just the way you are. And you just turned 23...I see a future for you in the majors.

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Jim Anderson said...

If he sticks with Chili's, he'll put on 60, just not in a way that would aid his career hopes.