Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Mariners

are three innings away from being swept in Texas.

I never once thought they were for real. I hoped it, I prayed it, but the numbers prevented me from thinking it. This will be a six-game losing streak--our third of the year. Each of the last two times we did that, we responded with a vengeance. But the whole team is in a slump, and with Richie Sexson, Raul Ibanez, and Jose Vidro each looking like they're pretty well at the end of their productive years, and with no consistent starters (until Felix matures a little bit), well, I don't see us in it in the final couple of weeks.

The Angels and Indians are helping Seattle out by losing quite often and keeping us in it, but top to bottom, they're simply better teams. I'm happy with the progress the Mariners have made in '07, but I can't delude myself into thinking we're a playoff team. A team with three major holes in its batting order and no starter that scares any opponents doesn't play into October.

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